Tuesday, 13 November 2012

In the Beginning... I went to bed

I started this Blog at 11:22 PM. On a Tuesday. In early November.

That's not really the witching hour (or day, or month) of Blog Genius. You know, maybe you should stop reading now.

Look at you, reading still! You're awesome. (Or dull, or painfully kind, or in desperate need of consolation that that there is indeed someone lamer than you). All great reasons to continue reading.

: D 

So you know, this Blog is an expression of things I love. Or that I sometimes rant about or fail at.   Food, friends, places I go, events I attend, my PhD experiences, my family, my work, my tastes, my fashion finds, my work-outs and breakdowns and thoughts... -These are the things that will appear on these pages in the weeks to come

For now?

I'm off to bed with oh - so - much - promise for tomorrow.

Sleep well, Mr. or Mrs. nobody-in-particular reading this.

*** Thank you for looking at this, by the way, if you ever read this. It means that I either forced you, as my friend, to visit my low-content page and you did... or you like my page enough to go back  all the way to here. Either way: You're so lovely!

If you arrived at this page randomly or decided to see how it all started -

I'm sorry. Very sorry. You must be so disappointed.